About Us

This is the blog of Nice and Ren. Here are facts about our fascinating selves: We’re married. We don’t have kids (yet). We have two pit bulls. We work from home, doing all sorts of stuff that you can do over the wonderful web. Our location: Philippines.

The place we call  home right now is an old house-and-lot (like circa 70’s) that we’ve been renting (surprise!) since we got married, hence the title of this blog Life in a Rental. We may be a long way away from owning a house but we believe there are many ways to make a rental your own, to turn it into a home.

So, this blog is about that – our life together as we try to live big in a small rental space. Doesn’t that sound nice? Experts say a good blog has to have an over-arching theme/purpose so that takes care of that. Ha! I will stick to that statement for most of my posts but, truly, this blog is about everything that we care about – food, travel, DIY projects, food, music, books, movies, family, friends – LIVING, in short.

And it would be so cool when our future kids get to read this someday and they see what we were up to, how I’m such a dork and their dad is the coolest ever but they will agree that everything I’ve written is pretty brilliant. Heh.

I hope you, spectacular reader, will find something helpful or inspiring here.

snippets of our life



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