After Yolanda


Super typhoon Yolanda, one of the strongest storms that has ever been recorded, hit central Philippines on November 8th leaving the region in a state of tremendous catastrophe. Known internationally as Haiyan, this typhoon is said to be the equivalent of a Category 5 Hurricane in the US with wind speeds of up to 235 mph.

The latest news is that the number of deaths could reach 10,000 in one city alone. The worst hit is the city of Tacloban where survivors report monstrous storm surges that brought waves of up to 20 feet high. Most of the buildings in the city has been leveled to the ground and some evacuation centers collapsed, killing many who were trying to seek a safe shelter. Across the affected areas, thousands are now homeless and desperate for help.

Relief resources are stretched since it hasn’t been a month since a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Central Visayas. Thankfully, more help from around the country and from overseas has been pouring in. I hope the government can quickly find a solution to how relief can be distributed to survivors as soon as possible.

Where You Can Send Help:

Featured Image credit: EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection / / CC BY-ND


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