Our Talipapa

I just got back from a nice morning walk to the talipapa/palengke (market). I love markets – all the colors and movement.  Our talipapa is very small but serves the needs of several barangay (village/neigborhood). Have a look! 🙂

Here are the local forms of public transportation that are stationed normally in a talipapa. There’s the Filipino jeepney – the main and cheapest form of public transportation in the Philippines. Normally, it can seat up to 20 passengers but don’t be surprised if the driver tries to fit more.  If you can tell from the photo below, the jeep has two long parallel seating so passengers sit facing each other.  The fare is based on distance with the minimum amount fixed at P8.00 (USD 0.18) for the first 4 km and an additional P1.25 for every succeeding kilometer.

And this is the Filipino tricycle, which we use to go around the neighborhood. It’s basically a motorcycle fitted with a side car.


And then of course, a talipapa won’t be a talipapa without vendor stalls selling everything from vegetables and fruits to meat, eggs, lanterns and used clothing!

It’s barangay election time here, so the talipapa has these banners of candidates strewn about.

election banners

Feeling hungry? Eat some street food! This mobile stall is selling kwek-kwek (hard-boiled quail eggs that are covered in orange batter and then deep fried). Sorry, I don’t have actual photos of the eggs! Hehe.

street food

And the best thing about my walk and visit to talipapa is that I was with my mom. I don’t remember the last time we did this! It was precious. I hope you get to do something simple and yet special with your loved one this week too! 🙂


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