Trying to Stay Awake

Remember I said this is going to be a stressful week? Add sleep-deprived to that! I didn’t’ sleep Monday night because I had work to finish and then last night I thought yes FINALLY I can sleep. I was in bed 8 pm and then I woke up guess at what time? 1:30 AM!! Yes AM! Crazy. By the time I was sleepy again, I had a couple of hours left before I had to start work. Great. So, this video basically captures me this morning.

I’m sure you’ve experienced the same thing at one point. No fun. Banana baby makes it look cute. Me, I’m just ridiculous. I dropped my coffee spoon and almost dropped the mug too, I sat just staring at the screen for a good amount of time, tinkered with my slideshow widget instead of logging in to work right away, then the fat finger errors and then I was supposed to do something important but I found myself spending 30 minutes or so watching videos of babies falling asleep, babies laughing, babies sneezing which were hilarious and videos of pet piglets too. And of course I finished one blog post! Being very productive so far. >_<

Are you awake yourself? If you’re struggling too, here are some simple ways to stay up without over caffeinating :

1. Splash your face with cold water.

2. Take a short walk or do a few jumping jacks.

3. Laugh. Watch a funny video. Obviously this worked for me today!

4. Play upbeat songs. Maybe turn up the volume too. Hmm, I think I should make a playlist just for this.

5. Let the light in. Open the windows and draw up the curtains  to let light in, which will signal your brain to wake up.

6. Pull and pinch your earlobes. I got this from my mom and it does help!

7. Avoid dairy products and bread. These foods induce sleep. Of course I didn’t know that before I munched on cheese for breakfast!

8.  When you get the chance to take a nap, go nap! Even just a short 10 minute nap can energize you.

So before you chug down that energy drink or take some drug, try the tips above. They’ll help you stay awake naturally! And it goes without saying DON’T DRIVE WHEN YOU’RE SLEEPY!  I wish you lot’s of zzzzsss tonight! 🙂

Photo credit: Pheexies / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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