Block the Blogger’s Block

selva / Foter / CC BY-NC

Until I started blogging again last week, I didnt realize how much I’ve missed it…all this…thinking what to write and typing away and deleting what I just wrote and starting all over again…and sometimes looking for the perfect free image to capture my post like the one above. Seriously, I don’t know why I stopped. Well…actually I do. But it’s a long story that I will not bore you with. I just want to say to the person who roused me from my blogger’s block, even if you don’t know what you did, thank you!

Here are some things to help block an episode of blogger’s block:

1. Do Word Press weekly photo challenges – Since this is all about images, you can just add a line or two to describe the photo just to warm you up and get you to publish something!

2. Just keep on reading other people’s blogs. They should be sources of inspiration instead of pressure.

3. Read your About page…the roots! what made you start a blog? Maybe if you are reminded of this it will start you blogging again.

4. Random idea for a post: Write about someone in your life once a week. Who cares if you know just 4 people worth writing about, at least you have the month covered!

5. Google more ideas for a blog post. I found the most common suggestions are to do reviews and lists, talk about the worst things, talk about the best things…my personal suggestion is to basically just write something that matters to you. There MUST be something.

How about these topics?

  • A wishlist – no not for you but for someone special in your life.
  • Books – what you’re reading now and what you dont plan to read ever.
  • Your most and least favorite color and why.
  • Skip the house tour…why not give a tour of your yard/garden!
  • How do you find the time to blog? or How come you don’t have so much time to blog now? You must be busy with something. Care to share?
  • What’s in your pantry? Tell us your favorite brands.
  • Share a recipe you completely ruined and another one that you nailed.
  • If you’re on Pinterest, share some of your fave or most popular pins.
  • Your dream travel destination (local and international).
  • What did you learn today/this week?

Any other suggestions?

Featured Image Photo credit: Masahiko Futami / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


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