How to Get Rid of Annoying WebCake

I didn’t know what the heck WebCake was until suddenly it invaded my PC and brings up these really annoying related search bar and ads to the left and below of EVERY web page I load. So, I had enough and investigated how to get rid of it.

WebCake bar

If you notice that “T” in the left most corner of the bar, I clicked on that and it opened up a page in a new tab that explains the culprit, this tool called Topic Torch by WebCake.

Uninstalling is simple. You can remove it the same way you remove any other useless, infuriating program on your PC. Just go to your computer’s Start Menu and then the Control Panel > Programs and Features. Locate WebCake in the list of programs and click Uninstall or Remove.



I guess the bigger issue is how I got this Topic Torch WebCake whatever it is. So I did some reading and I found out from that WebCake is an adware program (you don’t say!) and that  it’s a web browser extension that can be added when installing free software. LIKE PDF creators! Argh. Exactly what I downloaded last week. So, it’s either the SODA PDF or Nitro PDF software that I installed that sneaked it in.

I’m usually careful about what I install, but obviously I had let this one slip. So, remember that when installing software, always look at what options are checked before you hit the Next button to prevent pesky malware!


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