Under Pressure

Sinus pressure. From out of nowhere. Man, I was feeling okay this morning. I had lunch, a very healthy lunch of greens and chicken mind you, and then the sneezing started. Was it the cumin or the cayenne? Darn spices. Can’t live without them. So, it was goodbye quiet Saturday afternoon. Just all out pain across the top of my head and a stuffy nose. What the heck.

What I did for the past 8 hours or so to deal with it:

1. Drank lots of fluids. I just finished a cup of hot tea. Wikihow Step 3 on How to Release Sinus Pressure says hydrating is supposed to help me. I can’t say if it has done any real good yet.

2. Revisited all my Facebook photo albums which made me think of the following: I wish I could have doughnuts now, I love my dogs, I love my husband, I have a large face, I miss traveling, I’ve really put on a lot of weight, the photo of me and my dad is awesome….

3. Binged on TV Series: Parks and Recreation Season 4 Episodes 10-16; the first 15 minutes of the pilot episode of Downton Abbey and some 30 Rock episodes. What can I say…I was trying to cheer myself up and then I was just completely feeling down and then I wanted to laugh again.

4. Tried to do a WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge but I can’t find any photos I can use. Blah.

5. Started blogging again. I guess something good came out of this darn pressure. Yeah!

Yeah I could have just taken a decongestant. But I usually try to get relief in some natural way first before popping a pill like the above-mentioned activities, which I can say really helped me especially number 3.

What’s your fave home remedy for sinus problems and such? Better yet, any recommendations for my next TV bingeing?

Canadian Veggie / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Featured Image Photo credit: crumpart / Foter / CC BY-NC


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