Whatever Happened to February?

February has gone and past. Not a single blog post. Booo me! I need to find some time for myself…to blog, to bake, to read a book, to exercise! to get some freaking sun! I’m sure everyone’s thinking the same thing that there’s just not enough hours in a day to do this and that.

Brandon Christopher Warren / Foter.com / CC BY-NC

So, here’s what I think will help in finding some “Me” time:

1. Have a to-do list. This is always helpful. We all need a constant reminder
of what we’re not doing!

2. Figure out when you have the most down time so you can set aside this time for whatever project you have that requires more time to do than others.

3. Make a specific plan and prepare. For example, If I plan to bake this week which I do, it will more likely happen if I take the time to decide exactly what to bake (carrot cupcakes) and then actually go to the grocery to shop for the ingredients (did this earlier) so I am all ready whenever I get the free time in the next few days to actually bake. I guess I’m putting this tip to the test!

4. Just take the chance to chill when you get it. Most of my Me moments happen on the fly. Don’t worry about spending a fortune. Heck, sometimes you don’t have to spend anything. A nice afternoon nap is one of my favorite “ME” times! Errr…so maybe this is where most of my free time is spent? Did I just unlock the mystery of where my time goes? Ha!

What about you? Any time-juggling tips?


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