Seeing Green

After much huffing and puffing, my dad and sis finally cleared a portion of the yard in my parents’ home to make way for a vegetable/flower/herb garden. It is so nice to see the little green things shooting up from the earth. I can’t wait for the flowers to all bloom and for the munchies to make their way to the kitchen!

Home Garden

Now, let me see if I got all the plant names correctly. From left to right, top to bottom: Portulaca, small orchid, pechay (snow cabbage), rocket lettuce, radish, tomato, lemon basil, bitter gourd, eggplant, water spinach, mustard, dragon fruit, mint, oregano.

Below is the gardener, Kath or Katchu as I call her,  at work. You can read  more about the Portulaca in her Wordless Wednesday blog post. Check her other blog posts for tips about their home garden. All I got from her is they used 7 sacks of potting material (P50/sack); they  bought seeds from a big hardware store’s gardening section and they used old containers, pans and styrofoam beds and buckets as planters.


I can only dream of having such a garden at our home. Besides our yard being very rocky and the dogs (Sophey really) eating the plants, I confess that I have zilch ability to grow things. I tried gardening with potted herbs – utter failure. Heck a friend once gave me a cactus and it died on me! A freakin’ cactus! So I’m living out my frustrations vicariously through Dad and Sis’ garden! How about you? Do you have a home garden? What things are you growing?


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