Beautiful Blogger Award


Blush blush. I have recently received a Beautiful Blogger award from Fly on the wall.  I don’t know that I deserve it  but I really appreciate it, especially coming from a really inspiring blogger who shares wise words about life and family, has a great sense of humor and makes everyday events really interesting to read! Thank you for the kind gesture!

I didn’t realize right away that there were rules in accepting the award. I’m so new to all this! Anyway, the rule is to say 7 random things about yourself and then name other awesome blogs for the award.

Here’s my random 7:
1. I live in the same city where I was born and raised, which probably explains why I love to travel so much. I really need the change in scenery!
2. I am a daughter of a farmer and an agricultural engineer. I wish I have my parents’ green thumb but I just can’t make things grow. I had a potted cactus die on me once! A freakin’ cactus!
3. I have an irrational fear of house lizards. Even photos of them make my skin crawl.
4. I hate the sound and feeling of nail filing.
5. A slice of pizza and a bowl of pasta make me really, really happy.
6. I don’t know anything about make-up.
7. My full name is Eunice, which means ‘good victory’. Yeah, go me!

I nominate these awesome blogs:

Canadian Hiking Photography
Dash and Bella
Fear No Weebles
Curiosa Kat
Smitten Kitchen
a breakfast serial
Transplanted Tatar
a bolt in the blue
♢ Mike Watson


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