The Problem with Renting

The problem with renting is dealing with the landlord – a nosy landlord! You’d think they would be content that you pay rent on time (and we always do) but no…they want to know why you don’t have kids yet…what are you waiting for…is something wrong medically…maybe you should see a doctor…you will be sorry when you’re old with no one to take care of you…how unbelievably rude! Although we’ve been asked SO MANY times before about us not having kids (it is such a big deal around here…i don’t understand why they are so interested in our reproduction), this is by far the most intrusive! I maintained calmness and said it will come all in good time.  The moment he left, I told my husband we are moving out! Just because we rent his place doesn’t mean he has to right to pry on our lives.

L*Ali / Free Photos

Sigh. What a shitty way to start the week. Sorry to unload all that on you. I had to get it out. Now, I must undo all this negativity! Fun things lined up for the week: movie date, baking, catching up on reading, blogging, maybe another visit to the spa! Oh and looking for a new place…Ha! I hope the start of your week was nothing like ours.


2 responses to “The Problem with Renting

  1. People do love to comment.. it’s not worth moving out just pretend you are running late next time. kids are lovely but OMG they take so much. If I only had one life I would probsbly go this route as I am insanely maternal but if I had two chances I would so have one without kids. I can only dream of the peace and time and cash you have to spend on yourselves… 🙂

  2. Oh yeah he sure felt so free to give his opinion about our lives. We do want to have kids too in the very near future but yes we are enjoying our life now hahaha!

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