Bagel Breakfast

After our fried food fiesta with the hot dogs and onion rings, I thought I’d balance it out with a healthy breakfast of bagels topped with cheese, pesto and tomatoes. I got the idea from here but I gave it a Filipino flair by using our very own kesong puti (white cheese) instead of mozzarella or cream cheese. I know it’s best to use fresh pesto but as I didn’t have it, bottled pesto it is.

bagel breakfast

To assemble, cut the bagel in half. Place cheese slices around it. Spread pesto all over the cheese and top with tomato slices. Slide them in the oven and wait until the cheese melts a bit, about 5 minutes.
Making bagels

I was so excited when these babies came out. They looked so pretty with the orange and green melting into the white. We enjoyed every bit of it. I forget I have a report to finish past deadline. My mind is focused on the toasty bagel and the melted cheese and the grilled pesto tomato. Yum.
breakfast bagels

Eating healthy can be easy and delicious, right? Sure. Then The Mister said, maybe some bacon or ham next time? Hah! I can’t pry the man from his meatful ways for just one meal! Oh well. Admittedly, I love bacon myself. Doesn’t mean healthy eating is out the door. I say let’s keep it real (we can’t swear off meat ever) but let’s keep serving the good stuff too! Now, these bagels are darn good. Let me know if you make ’em!


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