Midweek Massage at Nuat Thai

So we recently had our 13th anniversary of being a couple. With vacation plans busted, I thought that night we would just be staying home and I would cook something special for dinner. That was a good plan B. But Ren had other ideas and his plan B was much better. I’m talking about whole body massage and dinner out!  🙂

Man, don’t we all need a midweek massage! Okay some people actually hate massages any day of the week because they don’t like the idea of being touched by a complete stranger. And I don’t like that idea too in any other scenario but, in this case, I don’t see a problem unless they’re touching in the wrong places, you know. I think massages are fantastic. The body sure feels that way after a good one!

The spa we went to is called Nuat Thai located on Pearl Drive, Fairview in Quezon City. It was a Thursday night and, as I expected, the place wasn’t busy. No waiting time. Perfect!

Nuat Thai Fairview
They have a menu of services at the counter. We both chose the Swedish Massage. Reasons: 1) Thai Massage is a dry massage. Ren wanted the soothing massage oils. 2) Thai Massage is vigorous. I tried it once or a version of it. There was a lot of stretching and pulling and I remember the masseuse walked on my back. I wasn’t up to to all that activity. Maybe next time.

Nuat Thai Decor

After paying, we were led inside to a seating area in the main massage room. Expect the place to be dimly lit. We changed out our shoes to the pair of slippers they gave us. They have a shelf where you can leave your footwear. Nutty me I thought for a second, what if somebody takes our shoes just for the heck of it!

Nuat Thai InteriorThen all my nuttiness went away when my masseuse (not the one shown in the photo haha) appeared with a bowl of lukewarm water, put some fragrant soap in it and started washing my feet. At that moment, fragrant soapy lukewarm water became one of my favorite things in the world. Just soaking my feet in it was bliss. I could tell Ren was enjoying it too. I was waiting for him to say, we should do this at home.

Nuat Thai Bed

We were then shown our room which had two parallel beds. It was great because, unlike in some spas, we didn’t have to pay extra for a couple’s room. We changed out of our clothes into a pair of shorts and I had a towel, too. The massage lasted for 1 hour. It was the best we’ve had in a long while. Exactly the pressure I wanted without the soreness afterwards. This is me after the massage, smiling and all relaxed.

Nuat Thai Counter

In addition to the excellent massage, the staff were all professional and polite. The environment is clean, relaxing with very nice interior touches. The best thing is their services are very affordable at P350 for a 1-hr massage so we paid just P700 total!

Nuat Thai Ginger Tea

Everything was perfect, down to the post-massage complimentary ginger tea. We highly recommend Nuat Thai Fairview. 🙂

We are not connected to the business in any way. We just love massages and we’re very happy with the service we got here. We’re already planning our next visit.

Are you a believer of massages too?


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