Mod Podge Virgin

This Mod Podge is so much fun. Why didn’t I try it sooner! Why haven’t I heard about this product years before when I had a lot more time in my hands? Do you feel the same way? Then, this post is for you, fellow newbie.

mod podgeSo, what exactly is Mod Podge? Mod Podge is a brand of medium used for decoupage art and crafts. You can say it’s a special kind of glue because it’s a sealer AND finish, too! Awesome all-in-one, right?

Now, if I lost you right there with this word ‘decoupage’…let me back up to explain a bit. Decoupage is a type of art/craft where you decorate objects by pasting cut-outs onto them and then coating them with varnish so that they appear like they were painted. The specialty shop Papemelroti has a lot of decoupage items. I’m sure you’ve seen one in their stores.

Okay, with all of that definition of terms aside, let me share my first Mod Podge project. Given that it was my first time to do anything with Mod Podge, I started with something easy – wooden coasters. Baby steps, hey.

Here’s what I used: wooden squares, scissors, small brush, mini foam brayer color copies of pages from a children’s book (not the actual page, heavens no!) and Mod Podge Gloss Lustre. Please ignore that bottle of acrylic varnish beside the Mod Podge.

Wooden Coasters Supplies

Side notes:

  • The wooden squares/tiles are old plaque giveaways. Look for items around your house that would be suitable to turn into a coaster like a cork board.
  • Instead of a brayer, you can use a foam brush for better control (or maybe my brayer was just flimsy). Although I couldn’t find the darn foam brush at National Book Store, hence the brayer.
  • The pages I photocopied are from There Was An Old Witch by Howard Reeves and illustrated by David Catrow.
  • Instead of copies of book pages, you can use whatever pretty paper you have. I just fell in  love with this book’s illustrations so I used it. The color copies set me back P40/page at a copier in the mall.
  • I bought the Mod Podge shown in the pic above from Deovir art supplies store in SM City North Edsa for P180. Deovir ( is the only place I know that sells Mod Podge here in the Philippines.

Now, on to business.

STEP 1: Place the wooden square onto the paper, positioning it over the part of the page that you want to cut out. Using a pencil, lightly trace around the square. Put the wood aside. Cut along the lines to get a nice square for the top of the coaster.

Cutting Paper

STEP 2: Apply a THIN coat of Mod Podge to the wooden square. Do the same to the back of the paper cut-out. Make sure not to layer the Mod Podge on too thick to prevent warping or bubbles, which of course happened to me.

apply thin coat

STEP 3: Carefully cover one side of the wooden square with the paper. Smooth the surface out with your fingers to remove any bubbles.


STEP 4: Apply a coat of Mod Podge over the paper. Leave to dry completely. Seriously, don’t touch it for like 30 minutes.

Second Coat

STEP 5: Apply 2 more coats of Mod Podge, drying completely after each application. This is to seal in the paper so that you can safely place your drinks on top of it.

And that’s it. It’s great how we can turn ordinary looking things to something unique to use in our homes. Go ahead and admire your handiwork. Yes, even if there’s warping. C’mon, we’ll do better next time! Enjoy a cuppa with your coasters!

Finished Coasters


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    • Hello. I bought the Mod Podge from an art supply store called Deovir in SM North. It sucks that it’s not available in National Bookstore…at least the last time I checked. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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